Fast Facts: Letting the Numbers Speak Volumes

POSTED BY MARTIN KICH During our protracted contract campaign, which started in January 2018, we have greatly expanded our communication strategies. The new approaches to reaching our members, othe…

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David Bukovinsky: Long-Term Value Creation over Expedient Temporary Fixes

POSTED BY MARTIN KICH As I noted in yesterday’s posting of Dan Slilaty’s statement on the primacy of the relationship between faculty and students, we have been asking our members to speak at the m…

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Fast Facts: Enrollment Trends

We are told that there is an enrollment problem at Wright State University. Let’s see if that holds up to scrutiny.

FF 03-1

FF 03-2

The three years that are outliers in the WSU Enrollment Chart shown above left–2009, 2010, and 2011–have swollen enrollments due to the Great Recession, Ohio’s choice to focus federal rescue dollars on supporting the retraining of laid-off workers, and the advent of semesters in fall 2012. Otherwise, enrollments at WSU have been remarkably stable. To see a genuine enrollment problem, consider the Akron Enrollment Chart shown above right. (The two charts are scaled in the same way: from 70% of the peak enrollment, rounded up to the nearest thousand, up to the peak.) The comparison is perhaps best seen when one combines the two charts into one, as shown below. By any reasonable standard, WSU has no enrollment crisis (but Akron does).

FF 03-3

Given that our university has reported negative cash flows and declines in reserves since 2013, it should, again, be clear that enrollment declines were not a cause of that deficit spending. Nor will more “flexibility”—the gutting of our contract and workload agreement—enable the administration to resolve the real issues with our budget. Arguably, such “flexibility” will simply do the opposite—allow the administration to continue to ignore some of the real causes.

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For 2017, table on page 1 (main campus) plus table on page 2 (Lake) of